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Batch2pdf 1.23 converts entire directories of .doc, .html, .txt and .rtf files to PDF files using Microsoft Word. Link: []
*Not compatible with Win2PDF 7. Adds support for converting embedded hyperlinks from Word documents to PDF hyperlinks. Also converts Word "Table of Contents" sections to PDF bookmarks. After installing the add-in, you can create PDF files using a new me...
Win2PDF Administrator utility 1.28 for disabling features or setting defaults for all users. Link:
Win2PDF Desktop 1.01 is a free add-on to support drag and drop conversion of single or multiple files to PDF. It supports the following: -Convert any file to PDF by dragging the file onto the Win2PDF Desktop icon. -Convert any file to PDF by running an...
Win2PDF Font Helper 1.22 adds support for embedded fonts. Requires Win2PDF 3.26 or above. *Not compatible Win2PDF 7 or Win2PDF 10. Link: []
Optional SMTP mailer that integrates with Win2PDF. This application allows emailing without user interaction. Win2PDF Mail Helper 1.29. Requires Win2PDF 3.13 or above. Link: [

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