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PDF file size is too large
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 09:01 PM
The PDF file created by Win2PDF is too large.
If the document contains many images, try reducing the Win2PDF resolution from the default 300 DPI to 150 DPI or 75 DPI.  Information on the resolution setting is at:
If the document contains color images, changing the JPEG compression options should significantly reduce the file sizes.  To do this, open the "Advanced" window of the Win2PDF printing preferences window.  Under "Document Options", change the "Images" setting from "JPG - Minimum compression" to "JPG - Maximum compression".  If you recreate the PDF after making this change, it should produce a smaller PDF.
If the document is a Microsoft Word document with images, the following article describes how to compress images:
If the document only contains black and white images, the "PDF Image Only" format will reduce the file size.  The following articlae shows how to create an Image Only PDF file:
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