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AutoCAD Page size problems
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 08:45 PM
When plotting an AutoCAD drawing to Win2PDF, the page size is incorrect.

Try the following in the AutoCAD Page Setup dialog before creating a new custom size or selecting the size you really want:

1. Select and then right-click on the desired layout tab and choose Page Setup.

2. Choose Properties from the Plot Device tab, then choose Custom Properties from the Device and Document Settings tab of the Plotter Configuration Editor to open the Win2PDF Properties dialog.

3. Select a different standard page size from the Standard dropdown, then choose OK.

4. Choose OK again to close the Plotter Configuration Editor, being sure to Save changes to the following (PC3) file if prompted.

5. Choose OK to exit the Page Setup dialog. Now you can reopen the Page Setup dialog or Plot dialog and select the standard size you really wanted, or define a new custom size.
NOTE: In the Win2PDF Properties dialog of the Plotter Configuration Editor, Orientation should be Portrait, Scaling 100%, and Resolution appropriate to the intended purpose, generally 300 to 600 DPI. Specify the final orientation and scale in the page layout or plot dialog.

If the above workaround fails to fix the size, delete the Win2PDF.pmp file from your PMPfiles folder, then try
the above steps again.
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