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Adding to an existing PDF file
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 08:37 PM
Is it possible to add to an existing PDF file?
Yes, you can use Win2PDF to add to the beginning (prepend) or end (append) of an existing PDF document.  Just select the existing document name in the Win2PDF file save window and an extra window allowing you to append or prepend to the document will be displayed after you click "OK".  More information on the merge features of Win2PDF are available at the following page:
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Patrick A.T. West
24 March 2010 06:17 PM
But how do I enter data onto a form created with your cockamamie software, not at the beginning, not at the ewnd, but on the lines in the form? If I can't do that, the software and the online form created with it are useless to me.
Win2PDF support
18 January 2013 03:30 PM
Win2PDF only supports adding to the beginning or the end of an existing PDF. It does not support modifying the contents of an existing page.

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