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Trailer page not removed
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 07:32 PM
I purchased and successfully registered Win2PDF, but I still get the evaluation version trailer page. When I try to go through the register process again, I get popup that shows the license information with registration number.
If the Win2PDF printer has been renamed, the trailer page may not be removed.  To fix the problem, uninstall Win2PDF by running "Uninstall Win2PDF" from "Start->Programs->Win2PDF", reinstall Win2PDF, and enter the registration code without renaming the printer.  You may rename the Win2PDF printer after the registration code has been entered.
If the Win2PDF printer has not been renamed, open the "Enter Win2PDF License" dialog from "Start->Programs->Win2PDF".  This will attempt to reset the license information and remove the trailer page.
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