How to merge two PDF files
Posted by Sue Lebakken on 20 April 2017 09:14 AM

.Win2PDF has a few different ways to merge files into a single PDF file.

1) Merge PDF files using Adobe Reader

-Open the 1st PDF file in Adobe Reader.  Select File, Print and choose Win2PDF

-Under "File Name", choose the 2nd PDF file you wish to merge with

-You will be asked to Replace, Prepend or Append.  Select Prepend to add the 1st file at the beginning, or Append to add the 1st file to the end.

-By default you will give the merged PDF a new name and the originals will remain unchanged.  If you want to use the same PDF file name as the 2nd file you can check "overwrite original file"

You can find more information about the Win2PDF merge feature at :


2) Merge two files using Win2PDF Desktop

-In Windows Explorer, select the 1st file you want to merge

-Drag and drop the file onto the Win2PDF Desktop icon

-Select "Append to Existing PDF file" or "Prepend to Existing PDF File"

-Select the 2nd file and click Save.

-The two files will be merged to a single PDF file with the 2nd file's name.

You can find more information about merging two files with Win2PDF Desktop at :





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