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Win2PDF 10 Update
Posted by - NA - on 11 November 2009 11:56 PM

Version 10.0.118 download link:

  • Fixed a problem that could cause Win2PDF to freeze when printing.
  • Added support for HTML2PDF and XPS2PDF command lines.
  • Added "Web Page To PDF" support.
  • Fixed a problem enabling the "Always append" option from the Win2PDF Desktop "Configure Win2PDF Auto-Name" window.
  • Fixed a problem with "Delete after sending" when using the Win2PDF Desktop SMTP mailer.
  • Added support for SIGN command line to sign a PDF using a digital certificate.
  • Added support for SPLITPAGESAFTERSEARCH command line to split pages based on a PDF search fields.
  • Fixed a paper size problem in IMAGEPDF command line.
  • Reduced file size when using the JPG2PDF command line.
  • Fixed a problem printing a landscape PDF to a paper printer from the Win2PDF Desktop App.
  • Added support for command line JPG2PDFPNG2PDFBMP2PDFGIF2PDF, and Image2PDF.
  • Fixed extract and delete page range problem.
  • Added support for the Thunderbird email client.
  • Added Send Mail feature to Win2PDF Desktop
  • Added TIFF2PDF and IMAGEPDF command line.
  • Added support for the "pagecount" command line option to return the number of pages in a PDF (
  • Added support for page range in PDF2TIFF command line.
  • Fixed problem with scaling feature.
  • Removed support for Google Cloud Print.  Google has deprecated Cloud Print and will turn off the service in December 2020.
  • Added the ability to save directly as TXT.
  • Added support for setting email fields based on content based naming.
  • Add support for up to 3 different content based naming search words.
  • Added "Split Pages", Export, and visual content based naming field definition features to Win2PDF Desktop.
  • Added support for allowing links in watermarks, and only applying watermarks to the first or last pages.
  • Added support for content based file naming.
  • Added support for configuring the Win2PDF file save name.
  • Added support for Google Cloud Print as a print destination for the "Print File" option (requires Google Chrome).
  • Added "Post Action Nowait" and "Default Post Action Nowait" registry settings to launch an executable after PDF creation without waiting for the application to complete.
  • Added "%PDFIncrement%" variable to the Auto-name feature (requires "User Defined" setting).
  • Added configurable retries if a file is in use.
  • Added feature to Win2PDF Desktop to extract text from a PDF
  • Added %PDFMinute5%, %PDFMinute10%, %PDFMinute15%, and %PDFMinute30% variables to the auto-name feature to allow always-append to append within the given minute interval.
  • Added support for 256 bit encryption for Win2PDF Pro
  • Added JPEG2000 compression for color images
  • Improved text quality for PDF Image Only (monochrome)
  • Fixed problems password protecting or applying watermarks in Windows 10 build 1803


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Comments (8)
Alex Evans
06 September 2013 03:33 PM

Is this a patch or a complete install?
Do I need to uninstall the previos installation or jus apply the patch on top of it?
Craig Lebakken
25 October 2013 12:05 PM
This is a complete install. You do not need to uninstall previous versions of Win2PDF.
Alex Evans
12 September 2013 09:10 PM
Hi Craig,
I have purchased in the past the version 7 for my Windows 7 desktop.
Can I upgrade it to version 7.5 for free now?

Craig Lebakken
25 October 2013 12:04 PM
Yes, Win2PDF 7.5 and 7.6 are free upgrades to existing Win2PDF 7 customers.
Kristina Skidmore
13 November 2013 02:51 PM
I have version 3.5. Should I upgrade? Are there any free upgrades to go with this version?
Craig Lebakken
27 November 2013 10:04 AM
Win2PDF 3.5 is free for any user that purchased Win2PDF before September 2009, and there are no free updates past this version. You can purchase an upgrade to Win2PDF 7 for $14, and this adds support for PDF/A, and fully supports Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you're using Windows 7 or above, the Win2PDF 7 upgrade is recommended.
Robert Guth
21 September 2017 07:01 PM
I have Win2PDF Pro 7.0.2 from 2011. I now have a Windows 10 machine and it seems to work ok. However, how do I install the Win2PDF Pro 10 version? Is it a free update?
Win2PDF support
17 October 2017 08:48 PM
Win2PDF 10 is a free update for Win2PDF 7 users. Just download the new setup program and run it. It will recognize your existing license code.

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