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PDF files only contain black and white graphics
Posted by Craig Lebakken on 15 May 2012 09:09 AM


Win2PDF only creates black and white PDF files with no color.


Make sure the "save as type" is set to "PDF" and not "PDF Image Only". The "save as type" option is right below the box where you type in the file name in Win2PDF file save window as shown below:

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16 March 2016 09:09 AM
Thanks. This was very helpful.
31 August 2016 07:30 PM
I have just purchased Win2PDF in order to create image only pdf but I am deeply disappointed, It prints only monochrome when I choose” pdf image only” option. How we can fix that?
Thank you
Win2PDF support
09 September 2016 08:17 AM
Win2PDF's "PDF Image Only" setting is monochrome only. If you want to create a color "Image Only" PDF, you can do it in two steps. First, print the document to the "Win2Image" printer and select "TIFF (color). Next, open the TIFF, print to the "Win2PDF" printer, and select "PDF" as the "Save As Type". The resulting file will be an image only color PDF.

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