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Reducing processor load while creating a PDF file
Posted by Craig Lebakken on 07 March 2007 03:59 PM
When sending a large report to Win2PDF, the processor load is very high.  Is there any way to reduce the processor load while creating a PDF file?

The only configurable option in Win2PDF that will reduce the processor load is the "Optimize image file size" check box in the "Advanced" tab of the "PDF Options..." dialog. The button to open the "PDF Options..." dialog is in the lower left hand corner of the Win2PDF file save dialog. Unchecking this option will shorten the time that it takes to complete the print job, but it may also produce a larger PDF file. It will not reduce the CPU load during the print job, it will just shorten the job.

Some applications such as Microsoft Word have a "background printing" option. Enabling this type of option may make the PC more responsive while creating a PDF file.
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