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How to update Win2PDF deployed through printer sharing
Posted by Craig Lebakken on 16 January 2007 05:31 PM
How do I update Win2PDF if it is deployed using Windows printer sharing?

A pre-registered setup program is required when using Windows printer sharing with Win2PDF.  You need to obtain an updated version of the pre-registered setup program by contacting our support department, and then you should run the pre-registered setup program on the print server to update Win2PDF.  Client computers that connect to the print server should automatically detect the updated driver and install the updates. You can force an update on a client by deleting the shared printer instance, deleting the "win2pdf*.*" files from the \windows\system32 folders and subfolders, and then reconnecting to the shared printer.

There here are known problems with some versions of Windows that can prevent the upgrade from succeeding. The following knowledgebase article from Microsoft describes updated that fix the printer sharing upgrade problems:

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