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Select MAPI email profile when "Send PDF" enabled
Posted by Craig Lebakken on 13 December 2006 09:16 PM
Can Win2PDF be configured to use a specific MAPI email profile when the "Send PDF" option is enabled?

You can configure mail profiles so that Win2PDF will prompt for a profile when the "Send PDF" option is checked. To do this, go to the Control Panel -> Mail applet and open the "Show Profiles..." dialog. Select the option labelled "Prompt for a profile to be used" and select OK.
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Debbie Peacock
08 July 2009 02:48 PM
When we send a quote in a win2pdf format the customer receives an extra page that is almost all blank but has some information about win2pdf. How do stop the extra page from going to the customer as they are complaining that it waste paper? Thank you for your help.

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