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Manually configuring to email a PDF with no user interaction
Posted by Craig Lebakken on 27 November 2006 07:57 PM
How can I manually configure Win2PDF to automatically send an email as an attachment to the same email address with no user interaction?

First install the Win2PDF Mail Helper application available at the following page:

Next, configure the SMTP server settings by running "Configure Win2PDF Mail Helper" at "Start -> All Programs -> Win2PDF -> Win2PDF Mail Helper". After configuring the parameters, verify that you can send an email by interactively creating a PDF file and checking the "Send PDF" option in the Win2PDF file save dialog. The Win2PDF mail helper should pop up and allow you to set the recipient email address.

After you have verified that the Mail Helper application is configured, you need to manually add some settings to the registry to send the email with no interaction. Open RegEdit.exe and browse to the following location in the registry:


  • Add a DWORD registry value named "persistent" and set it to 1. This will prevent the registry settings from being deleted after each document.
  • Add a DWORD registry value named "file options" and set it to 0x461 hexadecimal. This will enable automatically sending the PDF file using the Win2PDF Mail Helper with no interaction.
  • Add a STRING registry value named "PDFFileName" and set it to the full path and file name of the desired PDF file. For example, "c:\my documents\test.pdf". The name will be used in the email attachment, and the file will automatically be deleted after it has been sent.
  • Add a STRING registry value named "PDFMailRecipients" and set it to the desired email recipient. You can set multiple addresses separated by commas.

If you want to set the email subject or email body text, you can create STRING registry values named PDFMailSubject and PDFMailNote as described on the following page:

If any errors occur while sending the email, they will be logged to the Windows event log.
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