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How to automatically name PDF files
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 09:47 PM

How do I automatically name the PDF files created by Win2PDF?


If you're using Win2PDF 7.5 or above, you can use the Win2PDF Auto-Name feature as described here:

To create custom naming, you can download and install the "Win2PDF Admin Utility" to automatically name the PDF files without prompting.

You can download the "Win2PDF Admin Utility" from the download section of the Win2PDF support web site:

Once installed, you can click on the "File Name" tab and type the full path to the file name, substituting %PDFTitle% for the actual file. For example, if you want to place the PDF files in a folder named "PDF Files" on your "C:" drive, you would type the following in the Admin Utility:

c:\PDF Files\%PDFTitle%.pdf

If an existing PDF file with the same name exists in the folder, it will be overwritten. To prevent files from being overwritten, append a "*" character to the name as in:

c:\PDF Files\%PDFTitle%*.pdf

This will append a number to the PDF file if an existing PDF file is already in the destination folder.

Make sure to check the "Always use these settings" before clicking apply. You will have to run the Win2PDF Admin Utility again and remove the file name when you want to create PDF files interactively.

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