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Windows security permissions requirements
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 08:53 PM
What Windows security permissions are required to use Win2PDF?

Win2PDF requires administrator privileges to install, and user level privileges to create PDF files. Users must have "print" privileges to the Win2PDF printer, and must have write access to the destination folder used to save the PDF file. Users must also have write access to the Windows temp folder, and the temp folder cannot reside on a network drive.

You can define a separate temp folder for Win2PDF by adding an environment variable named "WIN2PDFTEMP" that is set to the full path of a folder on the local server drive.  The "Win2PDF Admin Utility" available at the following page can set the "WIN2PDFTEMP" environment variable:

Win2PDF also accesses parts of the registry to save the last used folder name and other settings. The areas of the registry that it references are:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Dane Prairie Systems\\*

You should be able to create PDF files without write access to these sections of the registry, but the last used settings will not be restored the next time Win2PDF is used.
Win2PDF also requires read access to a file named "1WAY.INI" in the Windows folder for licensing purposes.
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