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Specifying the PDF file name from multiple processes
Posted by admin admin on 22 November 2006 04:46 AM
Is there a way to use the registry to specify the PDF file name from multiple processes on the same PC?

If the processes are running under different user accounts, you can use the HKEY_CURRENT_USER locations in the registry to specify the file names.

Otherwise, the recommended method for handling multiple processes is to use the DOCINFO method for specifying the PDF file name. If this doesn't work from your environment, you could use the "PDFFileName" registry setting with a wildcard "*" character. If two programs attempt to create a PDF file at the same time, the wildcard will be replaced by a unique number and both programs will create separate files.

If this isn't acceptable, you could use the Windows API to create a shared "mutex" object so that only one process is accessing Win2PDF at a time. Information on using Windows mutex objects is at:
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